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Aug. 21st, 2011

Just like Robin

It was a perfect fall day a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, warm, sunny. Gus Kinney was sitting on the grass of the quad, leaning on a tree and trying to kill sometime before the bell rung.

He was wearing skater jeans, and a black shirt and red and black sneakers. Comfortable. with him and he knew that if his dad saw him, he’d be brought to task and asked, in no uncertain terms, what on the hell are wearing, going out in public dressed like that. If Brian had his way, he’d go to class in a shirt and tie. But not with Gus not here, not now, no way.

He had twenty minutes till class.


He looked up, slightly surprised. “Yes?” he was semi-pretty whoever he was. If he was in one of his classes, he’d never noticed him.

Hi. I’ve been watching you and, um…I, he trailed off, stammering.

“Did you want something?” He said it kindly.

“Um, yeah. I mean yes. I was wondering if you’d…maybe…” The rest came out in a rush. “I’m in Photography 251 and I have this assignment to do life study, body study, figure studies and I was wondering of you’d mind, I mean, I was hoping that maybe you’d let me photograph you.” he took a needed breath. “My name is Tom.” he dug in the pocket of his jeans. “Here.”

He took the crunched piece of paper. It was a note of explanation from a professor, saying that there was an assignment for his students to find someone to agree to pose for life study photos. There was no requirement that anyone agree; though if they did, they would be expected to fulfill their agreement and not leave the student in the until it was done. There would be no recompense and the subjects would be required to sign releases. Nudity was not required. The assignment was due in next week.

Tom could have made this all up and printed it on his computer, but he thought it was real. And it wasn’t like he’d never sat through a photo shoot before because he is a hot guy.

“When would you like to do this?”

“Um, soon? I have to have time to play with pictures and stuff. Um…maybe later today if its ok?”

“I have two classes this afternoon, I won’t be done much before four. Is that too late?”

He looked disappointed. “Um, the light will be going by then…”

Tom seemed to have trouble finishing sentences. “There must be a place we could use. Do you have an idea about what kind of pictures you’d like?”

“Um, I guess…do you do any sports?”

“Gymnastics. I’m not on the school team, but I can do some tricks if you’d like to try something in the gym “You’d probably have to get permission from the coach.”

You’ll do it?” he was slightly stunned he’d made a score, but who knew how many people he’d asked. just like that? All I had to do was ask?”

“Sure, as long as it doesn’t take all night.”

He managed a slightly crooked smile. wow, um…that’s great. thank you.”

“No problem. Call me when you have time for the gym and I’ll meet you there, okay?” he nodded. “Dick?.”

“Huh?”he was blushing the color of a beet is your name Dick?.

“NO NO My name Gus Dick is Robin i like Robin he started to laugh. Here’s my number. So you can call me.” He glanced at his watch, time to go. “I have a class I’ll see you later, okay?” he nodded and watched him go. God, he’d just asked him on kind of a whim because he looked like he had a pretty good body but—he was gorgeous and he was even nice!

Around four fifteen, Gus’s cell rang, playing ‘sexy boy’ by the hall of famer HBK his idea of a sexy boy assholes deal with it. “Yes?…Seven-thirty? That’d be fine. I’ll see you then. Is there you want me to bring?…Okay. No problem. See you there.”

A seven-thirty on the dot he walked into the gym, headed for the workout room number five, the one used by the gymnastics. Tom was there setting up with the gymnastics team starting their evening workout and wondering what was going on. Gus changed into a sleeveless singlet under gym shorts and waited for his direction.

Okay. Maybe we could start with um can you maybe do a handstand on the double bars for me?”

“The parallels? Sure.” He did one, Tom below him taking pictures looking up and then close-ups of his arms, muscles showing his power.

“Um, maybe, can you do one of those T-things on those hanging rings please?”

“An iron cross? ok.” More pictures, this time concentrating on his arms and shoulders and the tendons in his neck. She also seemed to like the way his hands and fingers gripped the leather rings, covered in chalk and wearing grips.

“Do you want any moving pictures of me?”

“Um, like what?”

“Like maybe throwing some tricks—flips. you know, moving. If you set up a time exposure you might get a nice effect”

“Um, sure. I guess.”

If he said ‘um’ once more time he’d have trouble keeping a straight face. “Okay, how about I try a couple of tumbling passes on the floor. If you stand at this corner I’ll come straight at you and if you stand over there you can get some side shots.”

“Um, okay.” he stood at the far corner, a few feet back from the guidelines. He warmed up with a few simple tricks and then let loose, flying across the mats with a series of impossibly high and fast twisting roundoffs, flipflops, and ending with a double twisting, double layout to with a perfect Robin like stick. The gymnastics team members pretended that they weren’t watching but he was doing great stuff stuff they couldn’t do not that any of them would admit it. Whoever this guy was, he could be a ringer the Coach had brought in to keep them in line.

“Um, could you maybe do that again so I can get some shots from the side?”


Next they moved over to the high bar. “Um, would you really mind if you took off your shirt? This is, um, supposed to be, you know, um, like a figure study.”

“Sure.” Gus went into the locker room, emerging minus the singlet but still wearing the shorts. He is a sexy boy, not the Gus didn't mind. He was used to being stared at since he was five years old.

They moved over to the pommel horse, Gus throwing Thomas Flairs while Tom clicked away. By now the gymnastics team looked like a few of them were getting annoyed at being shown up by some stranger who’d walked in, photographer in tow and made them all look like a bunch of ten year olds starting at a beginner’s class. Gus could hear some muttering, he couldn’t make out words, but the tone was pretty obvious. Well, shit, was it his fault he was a better gymnast? Practice, guys.

“Um, maybe you could try the—what’s that called? Um, when you know—run at that big thing over there and jump over it?”

“The vaulting table. ok.”

“Um, yeah, I guess.”

Gus lined himself up for a flip onto the table leading into and setting him up for a double double Tsuk layout. Two twists and two complete layout flips. One of the hardest vaults done, it was Olympic caliber. He stuck it. Walked back up the runway and did it again and again while Tom took endless pictures.

“Um, yeah, that’s pretty, cool.”

By now the coach wanted to talk to this kid.

“Um, okay, I guess, um, is that it? I mean, um, that’s all the stuff you do in here, right?”

“That’s all the equipment, I could throw some different tricks if you like, unless you think you’ve got what you need for your assignment.”

“Oh! Um…” Now he was embarrassed, having kept him too long. “I, um, I guess…”

“Okay, good. Let me know if you need anything else, okay? I’m gonna go but call me if you think of anything else, all right?” Gus headed to the locker room to get his clothes, he changed and was headed for the door when the head coach touched his arm.

“Son, you mind telling me your name and where you learned those moves?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Gus kinney, freshman. and he laughed i watch a lot of robin boy wonder stuff I didn’t mean to interrupt your workout. ‘Won’t happen again. I was just helping him out with some assignment he had.”

“No problem. I was wondering; have you thought about trying out for the team? From what I saw just now, you’d have a pretty good shot at being a wonder too.”

Just what he needed. “Thanks, but I don’t really have time.” And what the coach was really saying was ‘please join the team, because you just blew away everyone else in the gym.

“You know, there are scholarships available for athletics around here and if you’d be interested, I’d be happy to put in a good word for you.” He took Gus aside, away from the curious stares and listening ears of the other kids.

“Look, I assume you know as well as I do that you’re the best gymnast I’ve seen in a long time. I’d really like to have you on the team—what would it take to get you to say yes?”

Gus hesitated. He didn’t have time for this, not tonight and not this semester. He was barely keeping his head above water with everything he had going on—between his schoolwork and .....Robin lol he was swamped. “I appreciate the compliment, but I really don’t have time. I’m barely passing a couple of classes as it is.”

“Son, I can arrange for help with your classes, easy as pie. Look, would you do me a favor and have a cup of coffee with me? I’d like to talk about this a little more.”


“Coach hartle.”

“Mr. hartle, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but this isn’t gonna happen. I’m sorry, but I’m way the hell overscheduled as it is. There’s no way I can add varsity sports to my to-do list. It’s a non-starter, honest. And I have a test tomorrow I haven’t started studying for, so if you’ll excuse me…”

The coach nodded. He knew when a no meant no and this was one of those times. It killed him, though, this kid was as good as he’d ever seen, he had the chops to take the team all the way but if he wouldn’t play, well then he wouldn’t play. Dammit. ‘Kid walks in off the street, teases him and them walks out. Crap. “Sonnyboy where did you learn those moves? I keep a pretty close eye on the upcoming high school kids and I’d remember you of I’d seen you. You ever compete?”

“No, never competed. I watch robin Oh the hell with playing games with this guy.

“What did you say your name was again?”


“Well, look, you’re still the best gymnast to set foot in that place since I’ve been here. You change your mind, or if you just want to work out, you just show up, okay? In fact, I’d be happy to sign you on as an assistant coach, get you some money, if you’ll consider giving the boys some pointers.”

“Yeah, thanks—I appreciate it, but I don’t think so. I really have to concentrate on my classes Gusk had enough of this, he was ready to leave. As it was he’d have all he could do to get through the chapters the Econ test was on tomorrow.

“Sure, okay, but the door’s open if you ever change your mind.”

A week later Gus got a packet of photos in his mailbox. They were the ones Tom had taken, all close ups and interesting time exposures of the tumbling passes and snippets of routines and combos that he’d thrown for him. They were a lot better than he’d thought they’d be and he was glad to see that he really had concentrated on his muscles and bod—there were no shots of his face at all. The note he’d included thanked him for helping him out and telling him the professor had been complimentary and he’d gotten an A. And to gus kinney the real boy wonder and he didn’t suggest getting together again and he was just as glad he hadn’t gone there.

The same day he also received a note from the Coach, along with a printout of some old reviews and publicity shots from Haley’s and The real life Flying Grayson’s act they happend in new york. They were ones he hadn’t seen and he got a nostalgic kick out of seeing them.

The two sets of photos were an interesting contrast of a seven-year-old turning a quad and him now throwing more standard advanced tricks. It was easy enough to see the progression, at least in his athletics. His form was better, as was to be expected. He’d improved and he idly wondered what he’d be capable of now if he’d continue as a flyer.

He walked through the campus. He’d be likely going to new york to see it playing eight shows a week and on the road.

He’d never considered any other life he might do that one day, because Gus never wanted any other life but to be just like ROBIN.

And sometimes, when he was reminded of it, he wished he was there in his own life, but there were bigger things for him at this time and but he knew he’d become just like Robin one day.

“Brian, have you seen this yet?”

“What’s that, Justin?”

Justin held out the copy of the school’s daily paper. There on page four were a full page of reprints of the winners of the school’s photography contest. The first place pictures were a series featuring a gymnast, a figure study of the angles and planes of the young man’s sweat, muscles and tendons. The lines and planes of the unknown body stood out in clear definition, turning the flesh into a series of abstract angles, shapes and shadows.

“Did he mention this to you?”

Brian shook his head, slightly surprised at the mature look of the figure. There was nothing boyish to be seen here, nothing that would suggest that the anonymous figure was anything but an adult in every sense of the word. He was proud of the way Gus had developed, the result of discipline and hard work, dedication and talent.

He knew it had to happen, but was startled by the maturity of his son’s body. After a moment a second thought struck him, it wasn’t just Gus’s body which had changed.

His son was a man now all he had to do was get a hottie to fuck all the time and his son was set.

Mar. 2nd, 2011

a F in history?

"Jesse, c'mon, go to my place." I sighed against Gus's touch. He had wrapped his arms around my

body from behind, holding me close to him. It took all I had to not show any reaction to it.

Once again, I sighed. "Okay, okay Gus. Your place it is. Is your father home?" Not that I would

mind of course, but it'd be great to be alone with him Geez, I can't even say it without blushing.

"Nope, he's staying over at michael's. He hasn't been home lately, and the old' man is worryin' me. I ask him what's up, and he just says 'business'." I felt him shrug against my back as we

turned the curb.

"Well, Gus, he does have a life of his own, not to be rude." I blushed, hoping that he didn't get offend by it.

He just laughed and rubbed my head. "I know, I know. Come on, we're close to my place. Let's go."

I gasped in surprise as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started running. I
pounded playfully against his back and kicked, yelling out. "Gus! Stop! Let me down! Gus!"

He didn't put me down until we reached his apartment. I couldn't kick or punch him on the way up the stairs because, well, he had me in his arms and he would hurt himself and I would never want that.

I only noticed we were there because he had stopped and unlocked the door, dropping me off on the couch.

"Here we are! My palace!" He said this with outstretched arms and spinning around. I giggled as I looked around at the mess.

"Your palace? You must have bad maids then." I saw the small blush and giggled again as he headed for his room. I looked around and found some of his shirts here and there, a couple of jeans and I believe… Yes, I believed correctly, a pair of boxers. Wow, he must have skinny waist to fit into those. I was about to reach out to grab them when he came back in the room.

He was wearing a pair of ripped jeans and barely slipping on his signature black shirt. I giggled as he stumbled over a pair of jeans and onto the couch. His hair was messed up and he looked

dizzy, so I was a bit concerned.

"Gus? Are you ok?"

He looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine."

I cocked an eyebrow. "You sure about it, you don't look that good."

He grinned rubbed my head. "Just a bit tired. Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong at all."

I just smiled and took out my books, opening them up to a random page. "So gus, what do you need help on?"

"Uh, well… I guess I need a lot of help in history. Everywhere else, I'm doing just fine." He
scratched his head.

I cocked my head, confused. "Really? I'm in your class and it seems as if you're doing just fine.

Is there any area in specific that needs attention?"

"Yeah, yeah. Can you help me on uh," He ran his finger over a sheet of notes, "major wars? I could never memorize those."

"Well," I began, going on and on, repeating major events. This went on for a couple of hours until Gus finally found a way to keep this in mind.

"You got that Gus?" I asked, closing my notebook and looking at him.

He scratched his chin and cocked an eyebrow. "So, that war happened before the 1850's but there was another that was known almost for the exact same thing after the 50's?"

My face gleamed as I nodded eagerly. "Exactly! Oh Gus! You understand now!" I couldn't help but jump on him and hug the him. He made me so proud. He's been going to school for years but he rarely ever understood. I only spent a couple of hours with him before he understood it.

I could hear his soft chuckle as he wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. "Of course I do baby. You made it all so clear compared to what those teachers say." I couldn't help but cuddle into the hug.

I sighed happily and backed away from the hug and looked at Gus's eyes, smiling. I poked his nose and giggled at his reaction. He grinned and poked my nose, grinning.

I looked at his lips and yearned to touch them. Before I knew what I was doing, my lips were on his, both of our eyes closed. My arms were wrapped around his chest protectively and I was quite literally in his lap.

Just as I noticed what I was doing, I broke the kiss with wide eyes and placed my hands on my
lips. "I'm so sorry Gus! I don't know what got into me! I'm so, so, sorry! Gus-" He didn't let me finish my sentence.

He removed my hands and placed his finger in their place. "Shush, ya got it? It's all right. It's seriously ok." His nose nuzzled mine before his lips took my own into a passionate kiss.

I placed my hands to the back of his head, pushing him a bit forward. He had placed his hands flat on my hips, pushing me down on his lap so I could straddle him comfortably.

I blushed as he broke the kiss and began kissing my neck. I couldn't help but giggle as he kissed a specific spot. Feeling him grin against my skin, I couldn't resist asking. "Gus?"
He stopped his kissing and looked at me right in the eyes. "What is it Jesse?"

Blushing, I leaned forward and rested my head on his shoulder, hiding my face in his neck. "Why'd you kiss me back?"

I could feel his arms wrap around me again and tighten just the slightest. "Believe it or not, I've had a gay crush on you for a long time. There's just something about you. You're so innocent, so sweet," He brushed his hand across my cheek, "so cute."

My smile was easily noticed. I looked at him again, retreating my face from his neck. I nuzzled our noses together, giggling softly. "I've had a crush on you too. I always found you attractive, protective," I placed a finger to his lower lip, "silly."

I loved the grin that spread across his lips as he leaned forward and kissed my chin. I giggled softly and leaned down to kiss his lips innocently, wrapping my arms around his torso again. Just

as he was tracing his fingertips over my sides, we heard the doorknob rattle.

I immediately jumped off of Gus's lap as soon as I heard him mutter, "Shit, he's here today." I sat up as straight as possible as Gus did the same. I grabbed my notebook, opening it to some

random page and began talking.

"So, yeah, that war was one of the most important." A small blush was spread across my cheeks as I looked away from Mr. Kinney.

"Oh, so that's why I kept missing it. I always thought that-" He looked up and raised his brow, "you're home early dad."

"Uh… yeah, I guess I am… I'll be in my room if you kids need me…" He rubbed his face and walked into the hall and shut his bedroom door.

I looked up at where Mr. Kinney had been and looked back at Gus and smiled.

He grinned back at me as he leaned towards me and kissed me gently, smiling as he pulled away.

"Good thing we locked that door, 'eh?"

Blushing, I gave a small nod, followed by a small giggle. "I guess so, huh?"

He smiled sweetly before placing his index finger under my chin and his thumb on it, pulling my face towards him, embracing my lips in a passionate kiss. I smiled inwardly as I placed my hands on his cheeks and broke the kiss, a gleaming smile spread across my face.

"I think this can wait for when we're alone, right?" I asked shyly, running one of my hands

through his hair, smiling.

He grinned and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. "I'll wait as long as forever."

Zelldrake: Hope you enjoyed!

Feb. 8th, 2011


To tourists, London, England, is a place to go for a lovely vacation. There were monuments to visits, tours to take, and restaurants and shops to visit. Unfortunately, the tourist side of London is the only side of London that outsiders hear about. At night, London becomes a different city. The city was owned by those in the entertainment industry and the fans of the industry. Nightclubs lit up and opened their doors for those craving music, booze, and dance. Music clubs hosted concerts for both well-known performers and those who were just starting out. In an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of London, three hot gay teenage boys were practice for there band, hoping to join the music business.

One of the teenager's had a bass guitar in his hands. He was dressed in a white outfit: white expensive pants, a white vest, a white jacket with fur-covered insides, and white shoes. His hair was blond in the front and his natural black in the back. His blond hair was long enough to surround the outlining of his face, which gave him the appearance of a female. His black hair was only a couple inches long and spiked in a way so that they were sticking out in every direction. His name is jason, was currently tuning his bass guitar to make sure it hit all the proper notes. A few strings were being stubborn but he soon got them under control.

The tallest teenager of the group had an electric guitar in his hands. He looked like a natural born rock star. Like Jason, his hair was naturally black but he added an unusual color in order for him to stand out. The back of his head was covered with the same spike style that Jason sported. The front, however, was long and straight. Half of the hair went down to his jaw which barely covered his left eyebrow ring and two lip studs while the other half was done to his shoulder and dyed blue. He had black leather bracelets on his arms and three metal necklaces around his neck to add to his rock n roll style. His outfit consisted of black leather pants and a black vest with blood red insides, giving the aura of someone who was both a rebel and highly respectful. his name is Kyle, he was playing a short segment of a song as his guitar was all tuned up.

The final boy did not have an instrument in his hands because he was the singer of the band. His hair was black with purple undertones but was longer than Jason's. He had an outfit that the opposite of Jason's. He had on darkred pants and a darkred vest with black designs on it. Over all of it, he wore a black trench coat. To add to his outfit, he had black boots and a black cane with a red top. He had only one piercing and that was a ring on his lip. his Name gus kinney, he was rocking out to the song in his head.

Jason sighed as another string went out of tune. "I need to get a new damn guitar."

Kyle nodded in agreement and added, "That's not the only thing this band needs."

Gus turned to his guitar player. "What the hell does that mean?"

Kyle gave him a look. "Come on, Gus. We're only half a band, we have only one song, and that song doesn't even have any music to it."

Gus slightly shrugged. "We'll make it."

Jason scoffed. "The contest is a month away and we're not even close to ready."

Gus turned away from his friends. He hated to admit it but they were right. It was luck that they even met that day six months ago. Gus had scrapped together the money for a ticket to his favorite band but was disappointed with how little he could see. Kyle and Jason were near him and they noticed each other. They bonded during the concert when they started dancing to their favorite songs. They even bonded after the concert. Once the encores were done, they went to the bar section of the place and talked about how much they wanted to make music and how different they were compared to what was classified as "normal" society. The next thing they knew, they were in a warehouse months later as the band M.I.Z, talking about band contests.

jason set his bass aside and joined the singer. "Are the lyrics coming in good?"

Gus slightly shrugged and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. "They're the same as the last time you asked me. I can't think of anything to add to them."

Kyle listened in and chuckled. "You misunderstood me man."

Gus looked at the friend. "I did not. You said it was missing something."

"Yes but I was talking about the music. Just lyrics don't make it a song."

Gus looked away. Jason rolled his eyes, for this attitude from Gus was not new. "Come on, you two. Let's not get do this again. Let's get some work done."

Gus shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. "No…we can't. There's no point without having a damn drummer."

Jason had no choice but to agree with that. "But we're looking for a drummer. At least we're doing that."

kyle stood up and played with his guitar. "Until we find that drummer, let's see what we can do with those lyrics of yours."

Gus smirked. kyle always knew what to say when the going got tough. It was kyle's idea to start the band and he always had great ideas for the band. He tossed the paper to him and kyle started to work on the music with jason on the bass.

About an hour later, they had part of the melody thought up. But they knew it was lacking something without a drum set. Nevertheless, they were happy with what they had so far. kyle and jason packed up their instruments as gus looked on. "Say guys…you think we got what it takes to do this?"

Jason nodded and kyle answered, "Duh! Like I keep saying, add a few things here and there and we'll take the world by storm baby."

Jason agreed. "So lighten up. You're our leader and you need to be on top."

Gus smirked. "Don't worry about me. I'm always on top."

And with that, they headed out for the night. kyle and jason left together since the three friends shared an apartment together. But gus stayed for a moment. He sighed and looked up at the night sky. He wanted M.I.Z to be the best band there was. But he didn't know it would be so damn hard. It wasn't like he didn't have any passion for it. The band surrounded his life. But he couldn't help thinking that something was missing. The band was lacking something, the song was lacking something…but most of all, he felt that he was lacking something.

Having a hand waved in front of him snapped him out of his trance. Naoki smirked. "You coming, hot shot?"

Katsuya nodded as he took out the lyrics and looked over them. kyle looked at his friend and got an idea. "You need a woman."

Gus blushed deeply at that comment. "Excuse me?"

Kyle smirked. This reaction wasn't new when the subject was about him having a girl other than his sister jr. "Come on, man. I can introduce you to one of my many lady friends."

Gus shook his head, still blushing. "No way. I don't need a girl. I'm fine by myself."

Kyle nodded. "Yeah…for right now. Every now and then, every guy needs to get laid to relieve some Stress."

Gus rolled his eyes. "This coming from the guy who wants to bed every woman in creation."

Kyle slightly shrugged. It was no secret that he loved women and everything about them. He grinned with pride but turned serious again. "But seriously, dude…you need a woman. It's for your best interest."

Gus just blushed as kyle patted the his back. "Just think about it and I'll set you up. Now are you can we go out?"

Gus nodded. "Yeah, I just need to walk around first."

The guitarist smirked. "Just don't take too long…you never know what kind of things lurk around in the dark of night." He then took off before the vocalist could get him.

Gus shuddered, for he hated to think about spooky shit. He also hated the fact that kyle liked to tease him about his fright. Trying to get the last comment out of his head, he started to walk in the opposite direction as his friends went. It was his special spot, under a tree, that he wanted to spend a few minutes to clear his head. Sitting down, he pulled out his lyrics and looked at them. They spoke of how love songs could have a negative affect on people who were feeling down. He wrote it down one night when he was listening to a love song and feeling very lonely.

gus sighed and leaned his head back on the trunk of the tree. "I know what I need something. But what?"

As he kept looking up at the sky, the piece of paper fluttered in the wind. Hearing the soft noise made gus smile softly and close his eyes. Feeling in the mood, he started to softly sing the chorus of his song. At the moment, he did not have the score for the songs but he did not care. Because his eyes were closed, he did not realize that he had an audience until the audience snatched the paper out of his hand. gus's eyes snapped open and looked up at the man in front of him.

Standing before him was a blond he had never seen before. The man was tall and clothed in black from head to toe. He would have blended in with the night if it wasn't for his hands and face. His hair was sexy dirty blond and fell down over his eyes. His right wrist, which was holding the piece of paper had a tattoo that was black. He gave off the aura of someone who looked like a movie assassin.

Gus watched the stranger very closely. Having grabbed the paper to get the his attention, the blond male studied the paper and started to read the lyrics. gus was hoping for a good reaction. After a minute, though, he hoped for at least a reaction. The blond did not make a single reaction, even though it was apparent that he was done reading the lyrics. Finally he spoke up with a voice that was sweet but cold than his own. "Did you write these?"

Gus reacted in surprise at the sound of the other's voice but still answered. "Um…yes do you like it."

The blond's eyebrow twitched. "And what grade are you in

Gus tilted his head. "College."

The other scoffed. "If you said elementary, I would have gone easy on you. But since you're not…your work sucks."

Gus reacted with absolute shock. The blond crumbled the paper into a ball and tossed it into gus's face. He then turned around and left with a final comment. "If I were you, I'd get a real job and forget about being a singer. You have no talent for it."

With that, he disappeared into the night. gus was left sitting under the tree, stunned by what this stranger just said to him. He didn't expect such cruel remarks from someone he never seen before. He remained in stunned silence for a few moments and then came back to reality. He then started to get pissed; he did not take insults at all. He secretly hoped that the stranger would come back so that he could kick his blond ass. But, knowing that that would probably never happen, gus got the paper ball and ran for home in tears.

Kyle was on his laptop and jason was still tuning his bass when gus came in in a huff. Kyle looked up first. "Hey, gus. I think I found someone to join our band."

Gus didn't answer and started to make his way to his room. Jason raised his eyebrow. "Um gus, you're going off course. Come back to Earth."

Gus went into his bedroom and closed the door. kyle and jason looked at each other and went to investigate. They opened the door slightly and looked in. Gus was at his desk, writing like crazy. His roommates could not think of anything to say to the busy man and decided to leave him alone for the night.


Feb. 1st, 2011

Crazy love

Crazy love

The Temptation of the flesh sometimes is hard to resist this is one of them
what happens when justin falls for a 18 year
old gus!

ps this is a justin/gus you don't like don't read here we go!

"Justin!" a voice came with a bearhug in which the blonde wished to be free of because he lost
all the air from his lungs.

"let go gus,"justin growled out as he tugged at the 18 year old gus had caught up to his dad in
terms of strength. However, gus was not as tall as his dad was, but since justin did not grow
at all over the years gus was still taller then him but just a little bit.

Finally, the hot and hyperactive teen gave justin his release, and the blonde took a few
moments to compose himself. Having gus so close to him did not go so well for his self-

At last justin turned around to the teen and felt his heart race.

Gus frowned at him for a second then asked what's up the dark haired teen followed justin's
gaze and looked all over him trying to see if there was something on his clothes.
Finding nothing, he look back at justin."what is it?" he asked again.

"Is that leather your wearing?"justin said when he finally regained control of his mouth.
He ran his blue eyes over gus again feeling slightly betrayed by his body when hw felt
his cheeks heating up. For there, in all his 18 year old wonder, stood gus kinney, in
skin tight dark red leather pants a long dark red coat and a black top.

"Yes?" gus replied tentatively,"why?"

"Since when do you wear leather?" justin asked,his voice so high.

gus rolled his eyes, "its yaoi-con this week so me and my friends have to dress up.
I look good in leather."

"So, what you dress as a bottom or something?" justin asked.

Gus laughed and rolled his eyes, "no, dummy! i'm sir integra wingates from hellsing"
got the hat in the car gus turn around so justin could look at what he was wearing
to bad justin keeps looking at his ass.

To make matters worse, gus chose that moment to bend over. "Hey look my harvey dent coin!
ibeen looking for this thing for a week. Completely unaware that justin was drooling as the
leather stretched over flesh, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

When gus finally strightened, justin felt that he could jerk off right there. Gus blinked
at the blonde's peculiar expression, "justin are you ok?"

Justin coughed and inwardly shook his head."so where did you get the leather?"
he asked to change the subject.

"There michael's," gus explained.

Justin almost choked on air, since when does michael wear leather?"

gus felt tempted to roll his eyes again but settled for a loud sigh. "Uncle vic gave them
to him as a joke on his 18th birthday. Since he never wore them and they are now to small
for him now he lent them to me for the week.

"Oh "was justin's response. "well, do you mind turning around again, i want to have
a look at you again."

"okay" gus turned around, justin took that chance to look at that hot ass again,
wishing nothing more then to be able to touch gus just like his vision, his hand seemed
to agree with him as it shot twords his target.

As justin's hand made contact with the younger boy's ass, gus said a interesting "AH!"
before spinning around.

Justin was shocked with disbelieve while gus frowned at the other, confusion etched
across his face like a splash of paint on a canvas. Breathing heavily, justin felt
the need, the desire that he had been suppressing pushing against his well. His
hole body was shaking as he tried to control the urge to throw gus onto his bed
and fuck his brains out.

"Justin?" a voice asked, the blonde jumped. Gus had somehow closed the distance
between them, worried eyes fixed upon justin's. is something wrong?" lust finally
took over and justin gave into it.

In a second, justin had slammed gus against the wall and pressed his lips against
him roughly, his hands squeezing the leather clad ass as his cock pushed against
the other in a frenzy manner.

Gus froze like ice justin was snapped back into reality and jumped away, as if
he had been burnt. There was a moment of silence.

"I'm sorry," justin finally panted.

Gus just stared at him then he grabbed justin's shirt and pulled him back into
a kiss. He broke away a minute or so later, however and just stared at the
younger one.

"What is it?" justin asked, impatience by nature.

"Do you really want to be with me?" gus questioned.

"Justin took a moment and said of course,"a laugh, came out of the blonde
"why, do you think that i'm doing this to fulfil a fantasy or something?"
well, that was partly true, but behind that fantasy was the solidity of
perpetual love.

"No not at all i'm just curious if you can handel me?"

"I know i can gus" there was a pause as gus wrapped his arms around the
blondes neck and leaned down just a little to get to justin's ear, the
blonde groaned at their proximity.

"Everybody is going to kill us," gus whispered.

Justin pulled back to look into his lovers eyes, then laugh "iknow"
he kissed his jawline, and i don't give a fuck. Afterall, the
risk is part of the fun."

"So come into my room and make me your bottom boy."

they made there way to his room and then justin got his fantasy and his true love after
justin fuck him senseless.

the end

Jan. 30th, 2011

gus loves football

Gus loves football

"Touchdown!" gus screamed, jumping up off of the couch, his knees bumping the table and sending drinks and popcorn flying. Lightly arms flew up in the air, fingertips pointing to the ceiling. "Aww, Dad, did you see that!"
It was the Super Bowl, and Gus couldn't have been happier. The Buffalo Wings were already consumed, a half a box of beer gone, and it wasn't even the Second Quarter yet.

Said brian didn't even look up from his book, "Yes, it was cool." His voice was dull at this point.

Gus didn't notice, though, and began to eat spilled popcorn as he sat back down. He groaned when commercials started. "Damn commercials! Why is there so damn many!"

"So the house-wives have something to do," Justin said, his voice holding just a tinge of ice as he walked into the room, plucked Brian's book out of his hands, threw it across the room and sat comfortably his lap.

"I was reading that, brain said dryly, but nevertheless his arms slunk around Justin's waist and pulled the smaller towards him. justin kissed his forehead playfully before turning to the gus.

"Gus, I really don't understand football you know. And you don't even support-" Justin started, his eyes patient, but gus flapped a hand at him rather impatiently and the blonde fell silent, his arms crossed across his toned chest.

"Sunshine, its no use," brian said, tracing patterns lazily on Justin's back, "The son of rage is hypnotized. Football does that to people."

"Hmm," Justin said in a mock-thoughtful voice, then slid off of brian's lap and shimmied over to his other boyfriend. Two slender fingers traveled up gus's arm in a dance, while the other slid up his shirt.

"Justin, stop."

The blond pouted, surprised at gus's words, but of course didn't stop. Once hand slinked up gus's shirt and started to toy with his nipple, while the other began to toy with his ear, "Gus…"

"Justin, not now." gus wouldn't even look at him, and justin got annoyed now. How could this stupid, sport even began to attract Gus's attention?

The blond huffed slightly, then climbed into the gus's lap and kissed his nose before pouting again when gus watched the game from over his shoulder, his neck craned, his mouth slightly open. justin moved slyly down to gus's lower lip and began to suck on it softly, but gus made no noise or move to urge justin further. He bit down a little and squeezed gus's sides…still nothing.

"Justin!" Was his only reply, and it wasn't a happy one, either.

Brian meanwhile, was starting to look uncomfortable on the couch, and he moved his toes and feet erratically, "Justin, he's not paying attention. Just give up and…" He faded off, still squirming a little in his seat.

Justin looked over at brian, then separated himself from gus quickly. A smile toyed at his lips, "Oh…" He said playfully, "And why would I want to stop?" Those slender fingers began to play with his blond bangs slowly.

Brian's eyes narrowed and his literally got up, walked over to Justin, and threw him over his shoulder. Justin chuckled as brian began to walk rather quickly to a random bedroom, unbuckling his belt as he went, while gus just sat there, eating popcorn and drinking as men in padded tights ran around an arena.

Jan. 19th, 2011

Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

image me and you

Jan. 10th, 2011


what will you leave after your gone

Jan. 8th, 2011

Writer's Block: Children of the sun

i'l have a 6pack